PR Talent Releases “2019 Salary Report/Part II ~ In-house Positions”

This report provides guidelines on current salary levels for in-house roles.  As we detailed in Part I of our Salary Report, focused on agency salaries around the country, hiring is up and so are salaries.  Yeah baby!! 

Salary Trends.  The overall salary bump from a year go is in the 7-10% which is also what we noted for agency roles.   

International Reach/Local Insights.  We haven’t broken down this report by cities because the ranges are pretty similar in all of the large markets where PR Talent has boots-on-the-ground recruiters (New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington DC, Minneapolis and Chicago).  We also have developed a deep talent pool in the Asia Pacific region.

Finally, please note that there is overlap between the salary bands because of a fairly wide variance in pay for in-house titles.  Bonuses are not included.  

  • Assistant Manager | $50- 85K
  • Associate Manager | $75 – 110K
  • Manager | $90 – 120K
  • Sr. Manager | $110-150K
  • Director | $140-200K
  • Sr. Director | $180-250K
  • Vice President | $225-350K
  • Sr. Vice President | $274-400K
  • EVP/CCO | $350K++