PR Rock Stars Break on Through…

PR Talent 40 Under 40 Ad 8-21Technology is disruptive.  And nothing before has disrupted like the Internet.  Every day living is different.  The way we shop, vacation, date, and most profoundly how we communicate with each other has changed.

And of course  the impact on communications piece  has fundamentally changed public relations.  It’s what we do.  PR practitioners serve as advocates for their clients by leveraging communications tools.  So now the tools have changed,  strategies have altered, and clients are shifting their dollars.  Chaos, revolution, and opportunity reign.  A perfect setting for the rock stars of PR to carry the profession to new heights.

In  a few weeks, at PRWeek’s annual conference, the industry will once again honor the top 40 people in public relations under the age of 40.  As one of the sponsors of the evening, we’re proud to support these ambitious and visionary young people as they not only bear witness to the disruption and destruction of old business models but help drive the success of the new.

PR has always led with innovation and creativity, and I can’t wait to see our stars break on through (apologies Jimmy Morrison),  smash a few guitars, and rock the PR world.  Standing O and flickering lighters (or cellphones) to them!