Hunting Heads For Twenty Ten

OK.  So it’s a new year.  Same as the old year?  I don’t think so.

This year there’s a palpable sense that people want to do business.  They want to quit wringing their hands and take some risks.  Make some decisions and actually get stuff done.  I think everyone’s tired of the woe is me, recession blues that have been the soundtrack of the last two years. 

And this new Patti LaBelle “New Attitude” soundtrack for business is also going to influence consumer buying behavior and in turn impact everything from the housing market to packaged goods to the stock market.  And that means more corporate spending on marketing and public relations — and more hiring by PR departments and PR agencies. 

So now’s the time to polish up the resume, check your target list of potential employers, and figure out Brand You.  It’s also a great time to get your new and improved resume to industry recruiters because we’ve already begun hunting heads for 2010.