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It’s All About Connections. Finding great people is never easy. Every day we call, connect, meet and search for the best PR people in the business. We identify top talent looking for new opportunities as well as “passive candidates” – folks who want to hear about new opportunities but aren’t necessarily floating their resume around town. We talk to senior and junior agency and corporate talent. People let us know and then we let you know. We are PR matchmakers with inside knowledge about who’s great and who’s looking. We have connections.

Contact Us. If you’d like to hear more about our connections and capabilities, please email PR Talent President Jim Delulio at and we can set up a time to talk about your needs.

Full-Time Talent

Boots-on-the-Ground. We handle searches for Fortune 500 companies and Top 100 PR agencies across the country.  We have on-the-ground recruiters in New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix & Minneapolis and cover most other markets throughout the country.  Our process is a mix of art and science, leveraging original research, fierce networking, social media expertise and a deep talent pool continually stocked over 18 years in the business.

Freelance Talent

A Deep Bench. Our talent pool of more than 3500 independent communications professionals includes former top agency and in-house talent including media relations pros, digital talent, social media experts, and writers of every stripe including former White House speechwriters. We also offer PR pros with experience in just about every industry and the ability to take on short or long-term assignments, stepping in when the workload is heavy or a key staffer goes on leave.   In addition, we offer specialty services like:

Teamz PR
Industry and Specialty Freelancers

We can put together a complete account team to provide ongoing PR support for an existing campaign or create a campaign from scratch.  These “Teamz” can be developed with a specialty or a variety of skills that mesh well for the task at hand. The cost of a PR team is often lower than the rates charged by PR firms because there is no overhead to cover.

PinPoint PR
Targetted, Low-cost Freelance Support

Tapping our vast PR network, we’re able to identify talent in the top 100 PR markets who can produce local campaigns or events to support a region or even individual retail locations.  This targeted, grassroots approach to PR leverages in-the-market knowledge and generates better results, at a fraction of the cost.

Manage PR-Agency
Management Consulting Services

We have top-notch consultants who can work with PR agency owners to help them maximize staff potential through training, team building, conflict resolution, leadership/supervisory development, time management, and presentation training.

Our management consultants also can provide strategic review of the firm’s financial and operational systems and maximize profitability; build practical financial reporting systems;  review compensation structure to ensure competitiveness and retain staff and  prepare the firm for merger and acquisition or other exit strategy. Business development strategies; leading creative brainstorms and facilitating company off-sites are also right in the wheelhouse.   

Manage PR-Dept.
Management Consulting Services

For Corporate PR departments, these specialized consultants will assist in maximizing staff potential through training, team building, conflict resolution, leadership/supervisory development, time management, and presentation training. Another key service is assessing the department’s current staffing levels, talent, and PR agency relationships — and making recommendations that lead to greater productivity and efficiencies. Coaching C-Suite executives for media interviews and major presentations is also part of the mix.

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