The Process

1. Conduct Consultation

During the free, one-on- one phone consult, your writer will review your existing career materials, identify your goals, and determine your needs.

2. Collect Data

After the phone consult, additional details will be gathered about your career history and goals. The consultants help you look at your career from a different perspective and dig deep for “diamond in the rough” content you may be overlooking.

3. Develop Materials

Next, your materials are analyzed and new content will be crafted from scratch, emphasizing your professional value and focusing on your job target(s).

4. Review Content

At this stage, you’ll be asked to carefully review your new materials and provide your writer with feedback for revisions.

5. Capture Opportunities

After you’re satisfied with your documents, your materials are finalized and some additional support will be provided to help you tackle your job search with complete confidence.

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