What Will be the Hot PR Jobs in 2014

November 26, 2013 by angelsmith

What's Ahead for 2014 PR Jobs?

On almost every candidate call I’m asked “how’s business” or “what’s the hiring picture look like?” Often with a concerned tone like… it must be hell to be a recruiter for PR jobs in this economy?!? I reply by saying that hiring has been steady and trending up since early 2010. And that’s the truth. Why?There are three sectors of the economy that will experience dynamic change and with this change comes demand for new types of talent to leverage the new reality for 2014.

Digital Dollars. Communications agencies find themselves happily reaping the benefits of the radical shift in the way companies are engaging with their key audiences. The tools and the rules have changed… and the money is following. Digital is the new darling of advertisers because they are finding it to be a very efficient, highly targeted buy. And as the strategies and analytics get even more sophisticated, more and more advertising dollars will follow… and, in turn, the demand for strategists, content producers, and digital analysts will grow as agencies scramble to gobble up as much talent and in turn as much client revenue as possible.

Healthcare Hottie. As the healthcare industry goes through one of it’s most dynamic periods of change and the Affordable Care Act becomes reality (in spite of the constant whimpering of Fox News), the demand for communications professionals to educate, persuade and promote has never been higher. In addition to educational campaigns, expect significant demand for talent with pharma, biotech, and medical device experience.  This will continue to be one of the hottest sectors for PR jobs for years to come.

Consumer Tech Treats. Mobile, App’s, video games, and consumer electronics are all exciting, shiny new toys for children of all ages.  Competition is fierce to launch the next big app, game, or must have techie toy.  With so much jostling for position and upheaval  in the marketplace, you can bet that companies will be focused on grabbing communications talent that will help set them apart before their VC dollars flame out.

This PR talent demand for consumer techies — and regular techies — will be at a fever pitch in traditional tech hotbeds like Silicon Valley, Seattle, Austin, and Boston, but also expect boomlet markets like DUMBO (Brooklyn), Silicon Beach (West LA), Denver, and yes, Miami (don’t worry nicknames will come) to be searching high and low for communications talent to serve these cool emerging businesses.



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