Client FAQs

Why should I use PR Talent or any outside recruiter to handle my search?

Because external recruiters have access to talent that most internal recruiters and HR professionals don’t. At PR Talent, we spend every day talking to both active and passive candidates at the top of their profession. We are constantly reaching out to talented professionals and building relationships. Those relationships enable us to tap into much deeper and broader resources when conducting a search.

What is a retained search vs. contingency search?

Contingency search firms only get paid if they successfully place a candidate, whereas a retained search firm is getting paid no matter how long they take and sometimes even if they don’t fill the job. Good recruiters do good work, but not even retained recruiters can guarantee they can fill a position. At PR Talent our goal is to provide excellent service and deliver results. We believe our clients are best served when they have a new employee first and an invoice later.

How do you find candidates?

Since PR is our only focus, we not only have an excellent database of over 4000 PR professionals, but we are actively reaching out to talented professionals every day. Additionally, if your search is highly specialized, we conduct targeted and original research to hone in on the best and most appropriate candidates.

Can I use PR Talent for freelance or “temp-to-perm” assignments?

Absolutely! We have an extensive database of talented freelance professionals ready to take on both short and long term projects. Additionally, we are happy to handle more non-traditional arrangements such as “temp-to-perm” assignments.

How long will the search take?

Finding the right candidate, even with a database like ours, can be a long process. Although we cannot guarantee delivery of your dream candidate within a week, it has been known to happen! However, the more likely scenario is that once we have a signed agreement and all of the search specifications in place, we can deliver candidates for your review within two to three weeks. After that, we will work with you to refine the search process so that we are able to deliver on-target candidates in as efficient a manner as possible.

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A cool new Senior Digital Marketing Specialist opp with City of Hope #prjobs
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