Candidate FAQs

Will PR Talent maintain my confidentiality?

Absolutely. Unless you say otherwise, we won’t send your resume out without your prior approval.

What happens when I send my resume to you?

You may receive an email letting you know that we’ve received your resume and added you to our database. Otherwise, we may call you if your background looks like a fit for one of our current searches. You also will be receiving our regular Hot Jobs email distribution, listing our current searches.

What kind of jobs do you recruit for?

PR Talent specializes in positions within PR agencies and within corporate PR departments. We have openings at all levels and across various industry sectors including consumer, technology, financial, beauty, travel, entertainment and media.

As a candidate, do I have to pay your agency to assist me with my job search?

No, we are representing our clients’ positions and get paid by them when one of our candidates is hired.

How can I find out what jobs you have open?

Once you submit your resume to PR Talent, you are automatically entered into our database and will receive our Hot Jobs e-mail distribution listing open positions. You can also check to view our current openings.

How do I apply to a job that is in your e-mail or posted to the site?

Each job opening will indicate the appropriate recruiter to contact. All you need to do is send that recruiter an e-mail with a Word attachment of your resume and they will let you know whether you are a fit for the position and will also provide more information as appropriate.

What if you don’t have a suitable position for me right now?

Although we might not have something available the day we speak to you, we receive new search assignments on a regular basis and we don’t circulate or post all of our searches. As long as your updated resume is on file with us, we will reach out to you if there is a job opening that matches your experience. Always remember that if you see a posting in one of our e-mails that interests you and is a match for your experience, we encourage you to reach out to us.

Why would I use a recruiter when I can apply directly to a company?

Many of our candidates express their disappointment about applying to jobs and never hearing anything from a company. And when they do get that first interview that they felt went so well, they’re often left in the dark, never to hear from the company again. Not only do we assure you that your resume will be seen by the company if we submit it, we can also assure you we will have some type of feedback on your resume and/or interview.

If you submit my resume to a client, how long will it take to hear back from you?

This all depends on the company. Often, companies are extremely busy and it could take up to a week to get feedback. We encourage candidates to be patient. We will contact you as soon as we get feedback on your resume.

Can I be considered for freelance and full time opportunities at the same time?

Of course! All you need to do is let us know that you’re interested in both and we’ll consider you for both.

I’m looking to break into the PR industry but I don’t have any PR experience. Can you assist me with my search?

Most of our clients require candidates to have some experience in public relations. Nevertheless, we will occasionally handle positions that only require minimal experience. We’ll be glad to enter your resume into our database and keep you in mind when those searches come our way.

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