Additional Services

In addition to Executive Recruiting, here are a few other services we offer to individuals and organizations.

Resume Writing & Interview Coaching

Resume Writing

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average job search takes 36 to 40 weeks. If you’re looking for a job that will pay roughly $60K a year, that equates to $231 a day and $1,154 a week. And for each week that you are unemployed you are losing $1,154! Multiply that by 36 weeks and your losses amount to $41K+! A professionally written resume can give you an edge over the competition and potentially slash your job search time.

PR Talent has secured highly trained consultants to offer professional resume writing and interview coaching services. Feel confident, prepared and polished as you take the next step in your career.

Resume Writing: If you want to have a certified resume writer take a look at your resume, check in with our PR Talent professional resume writing consultants. They’ll give you a free initial phone consultation and then you can decide whether to have them just do a little tweaking or build you a brand new resume. They can even develop a highly professional LinkedIn profile for you. Click here to find out more about a free consultation and our resume writers.

Interview Coaching: Our trained consultants now offer extensive interview coaching which includes three hours of one-on-one training and a 25-page eBook of best practices. The coaching session will feature mock interviews and cover a wide range of topics such as: the 3 Keys to Any Interview, Effective Strategies, Common Pitfalls, Dealing with Negative Questions, Pre-Interview Research, How to Manage Interview Stress, Elevator Pitches, and Different Approaches to Phone, Skype and In-person interviews. In addition, Pre and Post Interview Checklists and insights on Salary Negotiation are all part of the prep.

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Presentation Training


New business pitches, annual meetings, internal trainings… all of the above can strike fear into the heart of a business professional.  This personal presentation training system provides the tools and confidence to master your next presentation for staff, clients or the latest industry function.

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PR Talent boasts top-notch consultants who work with agency owners or department heads to help them maximize staff potential through training, team building, conflict resolution, leadership/supervisory development and time and agency management.

Our management consultants also can: provide a strategic review of the firm or department’s financial and operational systems (maximize profitability for agencies); evaluate an organization’s compensation structure to ensure competitiveness and retain staff; develop succession plans, and assist in preparation for merger and acquisition or other exit strategy. Business development strategies; leading creative brainstorms, and facilitating company off-sites are also right in the wheelhouse.


Senior Level Career Coaching

An investment in coaching allows clients to develop personal and professional skills — and strategies — needed to succeed in today’s dynamic work environment.

LilliCloud2_cropped2Lilli Cloud is a communications industry veteran who helps senior executives refine and persuasively deliver their brand message.   Lilli created the “bluefeet method” to capture the unique essence of each person and empower them with executive presence and authentic content needed to achieve their potential.

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